FINE SHREDDED LEAVES -                                                
All the old gardeners knew that "leaf mold" was the best thing you could put on your garden. Worms know it too. We have shredded our leaves super fine so they are ready to break down to bio-available nutrients at your place with the help of your worms, bacteria and fungus. Rodale press states that "leaf mold holds 300 to 500 times its weight in water". Kind of like coco core or peat moss but it comes from here, and is a renewable and recycled product that reduces the stream of waste into the landfill. You are invited to try one of natures premier soil amendments. Leaf Mulch makes a great top dressing and can also be added to a soil blend or used in layers in a sheet mulch.


Three different high quality shredded tree branches and leaves mulch available. It is ideal for top dressing gardens, making paths, incorporating into soil, or for use as a base medium for composting. There is a good blend of leafy matter and woody matter which will assist in creating a good bacteria and fungal balance for your soil micro biology.

GARDEN MULCH-                                                                                 
Fresher shredded local tree branches. Very uniform, finely screened mulch for path or to mulch nutrition into garden beds. Great for veggies, ornamentals, fruit trees, or mixing into compost. 

HUGUL MULCH (Big Chunks)-    
 A courser version of the Garden Mulch. Great for many uses like  hugul culture projects, longer term feeding of soil, pathways that slowly breakdown, bottom of garden boxes. This mulch will break down much slower than the Garden Mulch.

 Two year old semi composted leaves and branches with naturally occuring worm castings that have been ground up to create what looks like the floor of a healthy forest. This can be used as a food for the soil as well as a mulch. The water will wash the nutrients into the soil and you will be left with an aged wood chip mulch.  



COMPOST BLEND                    
One part hot compost made on site using shredded yard debris, horse
manure, barley grain, and fruit. Ingredients vary according to seasonal
availability. Second part is one to three year old aged horse manure.
Third part is three year old decomposed tree bark. Fourth part is made on site leaf compost. Our test of this compost shows the incredibly high levels of beneficial bacteria, protozoa, fungus, and nematodes. By combining the leaf compost with the compost blend, we increased the fungal activity in our blend. This is a medicinal quality compost blend and is very well suited to use as a base for compost tea.    PH is neutral or slightly basic.

ORGANIC COMPOST              
Compost made from either cow or horse manure that is fully
organic with only herbal dewormers and organic feed. Manure is
 combined with shredded yard debris and composted. PH around 7.5

PLANTING MIX                   
I combine my compost blend with my blended topsoil. This gives
you seven main ingredients, each with their own bacterial community,
to create a very broad family of microorganisms and fungal life. This
mix is ready to go into a raised bed and can be planted directly into.
It is also a great base for cannabis cultivation.

TOP SOIL                           
I combine three different soils to make a blend that is sandy, loamy,
high in organic matter, with some clay. I combine decomposed sod,
sandy loam, and a clay soil.

FUNGAL BLEND                            
This is a blend of hardwood chips, outcasts from compost screening,
myccorhizae powder, compost, and soil. Great for orchards and

WOOD CHIPS          
We have aged wood chips from arborists that are home to worms and

fungus. This material is not for paths but for planting areas.

Three year old worm compost pile that has been shredded. Nuetral in ph.                                                             


PLANTING MIX, FINE SHREDDED LEAVES, WORM CASTINGS makes a beautiful blend for water retention, root structure, nutrition, and more.

High Quality Living Soil for the cultivation of cannabis. This is a ready to plant complete soil blend loaded with beneficial fungus, bacteria, protozoa and nematodes. 
WORMS- Red Wigglers               
Red wigglers in organic leaf compost and in organic horse manure. Bring your own buckets. You will take home lots of worms of different ages, worm eggs, and worm castings