Giving Back





Soil Salvation is a for profit business, yet as we prosper, it seems only natural to give back to the community that gives so much to us.


One of the greatest gifts that Soil Salvation gives is a free place for homeowners and landscape maintenance people to drop off their daily or seasonal unwanted yard debris. This saves people who are making a humble living many thousands of dollars in dump fees, not to mention the added gasoline and wear and tear on their vehicles. We have been thanked many times for this. And then we turn the unwanted debris into a much needed soil amendment for the growing of food, flowers, or medicine.


The first gifts to the garden community were several dump trailer loads of horse manure worm castings that we were able to donate to the Bellevue school garden in coordination with the Rogue Valley Farm to School Project. A load or two of compost made its way to the RVF2S garden at Eagle Mill Farms as well. The John Muir School also received some complimentary compost for their school garden.


We have also donated truckloads of compost to silent auctions for worthy causes. Among these were the John Muir School, Our Family Farms Coalition, and recently for a local artist who is raising funds to study art in Austria.


Our love of small farmers has led us to deliver complimentary compost to local farming greats such as Chris Hardy and Matt Sur.


Just last summer Soil Salvation felt inspired to give back during a moment of ecstatic dancing at the Jackson Wellspring’s Peace Village Festival. We decided that the Wellsprings is such a fantastic community space that gives so much to our community in ways that no other organization could, that it would be good and honorable to donate several truckloads of compost and planting mix to the main stomping grounds beside the incredible outdoor amphitheater in the back meadow. We did this in conjunction with the grounds manager, Tony Corsini, to the benefit of all who dance. And then Jerry, the gracious owner of the Wellsprings, responded by gifting a season pass for the Wellsprings to the main agent of Soil Salvation. What a blessing for all. Looking forward to dancing on the new extra thrivalicous lawn this summer.


We have also been assisting the Jackson County Fuel Committee with the acquisition of firewood by hauling great loads of wood with our dumptruck. We even hauled one of our tractors up to the Valley of the Rogue State Park so we could easily load large logs for the benefit of low income families in need of wood fuel for their fire places. The JCFC does such great work in the valley, it feels great to aid their mission by bringing large heaps of logs to their wood lot on Valley View Road.