"If your looking for some mulch and or compost for your garden and you care about locally sourcing your inputs then give Soil Salvation a shot. Dave keeps doing the good work of collecting locally sourced carbon based materials that would otherwise be thrown away. If your going to add anything to your garden for complete nutrient spectrum it would be raw carbonaceous material that is grown as close to your home as possible. Dave is one of the only people I know prioritizing basic raw materials for creating healthy compost and mulch. In this day and age we have to be responsible in our sourcing of any inputs. Go with Soil Salvation if you want to build the best soil possible. Thanks Dave for the important work you are doing."
Nick Mahmood from GreenSource Gardens



"I was very pleased with the compost I received from Soil Salvation for my flower beds last season. All of my plants were happy, healthy and loaded with vibrant flowers all summer long. The composted ingredients were locally- sourced and full of nutrients necessary for all stages of plant growth. It is such a treat to have high-quality, local compost here in the community that can be delivered right to your door. Thank you Dave Munson for providing a selection of so many great gardening amendments and sharing your knowledge of soil fertility and management."

-Lucy Whitridge, Petal + Seed