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David Munson, the owner of Soil Salvation compost facility and the host of Farm Talk Radio on KSKQ, as a recycler of local yard debris and a proponent of a strong community through building local food security and prosperity, is looking to our community for assistance in turning Compost into Gold. For 8 years David has benefited from the generosity and graciousness of the Billings Family as they allowed him to run his compost operation from their ideally located farm on Jackson Rd., just outside of the Ashland city limits.  David has recently found out that he must begin the process of finding another site to run his composting business from. He has found a fantastic place on the south side of town and is now raising the funds for the down payment on that land. So...David is asking for the people who love his work and his soil amendments to pay up front for future compost needs now. He is offering free delivery to Ashland or Talent and a reduction of charges for areas beyond for all full truckloads of compost or other soil amendments pre purchased this week (down payment is due soon).  

     This is an opportunity to show support for a local recycler who has been offering a free yard debris drop spot to the community for about five years now. Soil Salvation has been receiving yard debris from landscapers and homeowners from throughout the Rogue Valley. Soil Salvation has delivered compost and other soil amendments to the farthest reaches of the Applegate Valley, beyond Shady Cove, the Colestine Valley, the Klamath Basin, and even to points north of Grants Pass.

Please contact Dave Munson at  541 851 1333 or at munsonsfarm@gmail.com

Thank You and please spread the word.

Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently make use of local waste materials to create the highest quality organic soil amendments possible. We will always offer local land owners and landscape contractors and maintenance people an affordable and convenient place to get rid of unwanted yard debris. We also offer a service of consulting with clients in order to discover what materials are best suited to their needs. We educate the community about the importance of healthy soil biology through our website and by teaching at schools and at events and workshops. We consider ourselves a vital part of our local food sustainability network and are honored to play the role of recycler. It is a joy to think that our work can help to turn our society away from its dependency on chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides by restoring the biological balance of our soils.


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